Instructions of Use



§ 1

PADS are for the use of parked cars and have to be taken off before driving

§ 2

For achieving the maximum adhesive force, keep the PADS and the car clean

§ 3

Before putting the PADS onto the car door, the surface is supposed to be dry, clean and dust free

§ 4

To avoid scratches (though hardly possible as it is a “soft” magnet), do not move the PADS after placing them; take them completely off and place them again correctly

§ 5

Be aware that the magnets of the PADS are not working on materials like plastic, carbon or doors which have been fixed too many times after accidents etc.

§ 6

Do not put the PADS on fresh or polished painting (wait for roughtly 3-5 days before usage)

§ 7

Do not clean the PADS with a liquid that contains dissolver

§ 8

Take the PADS off before washing the car

§ 9

Store the PADS flat to avoid damage of the structure

§ 10

Folding or rolling the PADS might lower the applicability

§ 11

Clefts and cracks appear only after improper usage

§ 12

PADS Intl. Ltd. is not responsible or liable for any kind of damages or accidents to the PADS, through using the PADS or caused by the use of the PADS